LISTEN: White Knight – “Running Slow”

I was a little hesitant to check out the music of White Knight, if only for the social valence surrounding the word as it’s been co-opted by the alt-reich or men’s rights activists to undermine any potential ally that tries to stand up for a marginalized people. Is that going on here? I don’t know, but I doubt it. It’s more likely that it’s just a dope name for a dope band, the sort that makes experimental psychedelia their scene, and it’s a grand scene at that. This is the sort of thing that you imagine serenading you as you float through an endless tunnel of kaleidoscopes and lava lamps on your path to spiritual enlightenment. Or maybe death. Because that sounds like the kind of good times hallucination you have when your at death’s door.

I can’t do this band’s music justice. It’s like if Tame Impala, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd were dosed in mutagen and set free in the sewers of Hoogie Boogie Land. What I can promise is that it’s an absolute trip and one well worth taking, or so it hits my ears. Listen below and go on a magic carpet ride.