LISTEN: Sex Juice – “Sex Scene I” & “Chase Scene”

I’ve gotta be real: everything about this makes me feel like I’m up to no good. First off, the name of the project is Sex Juice. I don’t know what Sex Juice is, and I’m steeling myself against letting my mind wander. It’s not because I’m a prude, or at least I didn’t think so until I just wrote this, and more that I just have no idea how to process that information; it can be so many things. Second off, the music is, as you might expect, pornographic in nature, at least in the sense that it sounds ripped from a 70’s adult film. So it’s got a lot of soul and a helluva lot of swag going for it. This it the kind of music that you strut too, that you pop your collar or show some thigh, because dammit, this is America, and let’s get right.

The thing about the music though, is that it’s not so cut and dry as it seems. Sex Scene sounds like that, but there is something more under the surface, a kind bittersweetness running just underneath. Maybe that’s just how adult themes are, and that makes me a little sad to think about, or maybe that’s just this. It’s worth listening to either way to try and determine the effect it has on you.

Chase Scene is a straight prog-bopper. If you told me this was a King Crimson or Magma track, I’d buy it. So there is definitely that kind of manic energy that propels a proper car chase, but like with Sex Scene, there is something more going on here. Don’t stumble on the name, this band is stacked with some amazing players and it comes through here with a lot of style. Listen below and your groove on.