LISTEN: Joan Shelley – “Joan Shelley”

Singer/songwriter Joan Shelley has returned with a new self-titled 11-song record (which was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy) which serves as the follow up to her brilliant 2015 LP Over and Even. Like her last effort, each track has a beautifully serene vibe to it that encourages you to slow down, relax and enjoy a damn good cup of coffee. At least that’s how I enjoyed the album this morning.

While I’d encourage you listen to this album from front to back as a broad experience, I can easily say that my favorite standalone song is “Wild Indifference”,  a graceful, low-key track that mostly features her warming voice as she skillfully strums her acoustic guitar.

Pick up your copy of Joan Shelley’s new self-titled record at your favorite local record store. If brick and mortar shops ain’t your thing, purchase the album online here.

Listen to a select few tracks from the record below, or listen to it in its entirety on Spotify.