LISTEN: Howell Dawdy – “I’m Done”

Howell Dawdy‘s new album I’m Done was released a week ago, and now that I’ve had a few days to soak it in I can easily say that it’s one of the more fun, yet interesting releases to come out of Louisville in some time. While the music this guy makes can be a bit rough to plainly describe, I’d compare it to early Beck and/or Cake, but with a heavy dose of Dawdy’s clever sense of humor.

Most of the tracks featured are centered around fun-as-hell 808 beats, each serving as the perfect canvass for Howell to rhyme over with his unique approach to the hip hop genre. His verbal cadence at times has a more spoken word feel to it, but never abandons his smooth, if awkward flow. Standouts indclude “I’m Done”, “Louisville” and “Iguana”, all of which are incredibly catchy and fun. If you can’t have a good time with these songs, you probably live in St. Matthews.

Listen to I’m Done in its entirety below (also streaming on Spotify):

ALSO, be sure to watch Howell Dawdy’s new music video for “Iguana” which was directed by Dawdy himself and shot by Colin Garcia. Watch him below as he rhymes along in multiple split frames with a few scenes of what appears to be a giant iguana taken from an old monster movie.

WORTH MENTIONING: We actually just interviewed Howell Dawdy on the Never Nervous Podcast a few days ago. Expect to see that episode pop up this Monday.