LISTEN: Parunormal – “Elegance” EP

At this point the term “EP” is meaningless, as evidenced not only here, but by a variety of artists that throw the expression around willy nilly. You see, back in my day, a two song release is what they’d call a single, a seven inch, or if you’re lucky, a maxi-single. Hell, maybe even a cassingle. But the kids these days, I tell ya, just busting up tradition and putting out bops however the hell they want. But I digress.

The real problem with the brevity of the Elegance EP by Parunormal, is that it’s just too short. The tracks here have an easy grace and bounce hard, focusing as much on world building as on trap work. The tension between the two makes this the kind of thing that you bang too, while simultaneously allowing ample opportunities for contemplative reflection. This is for fans of Balam Acab or DROPXLIFE, the kind of thing that would work for artists like A$AP Rocky or Schoolboy Q.

Listen below and relish what little time you have here.