REVIEW: E. Dash – “ADHD”

ADHD, according to E. Dash, is a tribute to non-linear thought. While the EP flows free topically, the rhyme and reason is blue-collar oriented depictions of and reflections on day-to-day life and the lessons it yields. It seems as if E. Dash is grappling with how to balance his artistic pursuits against being a father and husband. At times the grappling is framed as a product of literal ADHD. On the title track, E. Dash wears his scatter-brained persona on his sleeve, weighing a broad range of lessons on the same scale in a stream of consciousness. He rhymes, “Many lessons been learned, and many been taught/ still no linear thought.” He embraces his search for some higher truth but keeps the realization trying to change the world is stressful. The lesson he holds closest is to stay official to himself from week to week.

His vocal inflections on the first verse “Realizations,” remind me sooo much of Brother Ali’s, which is dope because Brother Ali is one of the coldest at that. It goes a long way towards moving from an informational speech feel to a living, breathing sermon. Dat Boi Dunn still has it. I rewound his bar, “We drive, scrape or die, then skyscraper died/ But that ain’t kill my spirit dunny, Dun is still alive.” This is my favorite track (and beat) on the project.

It’s good to hear EMDW teammate Meth Wun back in the fray with Dash as well on the final track “Hold Tight,” where the two wax poetic on the ills of government control in society in general, and Trump’s administration in particular.

This is a good short player from one of Louisville’s longest tenured emcees. Listen below: