LISTEN: Golden Dead & New Bravado Split 7″

In celebration of this year’s rendition of Record Store Day, Golden Dead and New Bravado have teamed up to release a split 7inch. The record will be available for purchase tomorrow (4/22) locally at Underground Sounds, Better Days, Surface Noise, Matt Anthony’s Record Shop and Fat Rabbit, as well as online here. One song from each band is featured, each of which is currently streaming on Bandcamp.

While these two songs are very different from one another, they do share a bit of common ground in that they are both modern takes on prominent genres from yesteryear. Golden Dead’s “Holy Smoke” is a bit of a throw back to heavier 90’s alternative rock with guitar riffs that’ll have you thinkin’ of Silverchair and/or Nirvana, however unlike other modern bands that utilize this approach (like Superheaven, for example) Golden Dead’s take has a bit of a rougher edge with a grittier sound and screamier vocals. In other words, it fuckin’ rips.

On the other hand, New Bravado’s “The Pink Parade” is a psychedelic stoner rock tune that’ll have you trippin’ out while bangin’ yer head at the same time. These dudes continue to impress with gnarly riffs, spooky vocals and a jumpin’ drum making for some damn good rock and roll.

Listen to both tracks below, then get your ass out tomorrow and buy a copy at your favorite record store:

BONUS: With each purchase, the buyer also gets a digital download of two bonus tracks, one from each group. Cool.