LISTEN: Fotocrime – “Always Hell”

Apparantly, after a 10+ year run, hardcore big-timers Coliseum have called it quits. Well, not exactly… they’re going on an “indefinite hiatus”, but how long has Fugazi been on their “indefinite hiatus”? So who knows.

Now that Coliseum is officially inactive, singer/guitarist/front-dude Ryan Patterson has revealed a new solo project called Fotocrime. As usual with this guy, he is wasting no time as he’s already got an 7inch EP on the way (produced by J. Robbins) and nice amount of cool merch already available.

To get you hyped on the upcoming Fotocrime 7inch, a new single called “Always Hell” is streaming on Bandcamp. While this track is a departure from Patterson’s classic thrash/hardcore riffing and drill sergeant-esque vocals, it’s quickly apparent that his fingerprints all over this as there’s a similar vibe that remains. “Always Hell” is more of a power rock tune with big, simplistic riffs that is heavily driven by his tempered vocals (which I love, by the way).

Fotocrime’s debut 7inch is set to be released May 12th (preorder it here); listen to “Always Hell” below: