LISTEN: Local Haunt – “Don’t Tell Me”

Allow me to introduce your new favorite Louisville act. Local Haunt is something completely new to my ears and there is a quiet mystery to the music here that is undeniable. Everything here is in its right place and I mean everything. There are no wasted notes in the music, which skews more sparse than not, a layered sound that rewards repeat listens. More than anything, the melody exists in the space between the notes, the restraint taken to not go all out at all times, a coiled kind of tension that manifests itself in dreamy R&B vocals.

This is dark business, a song that you are obligated, morally or maybe even legally, to only play at night time, lit only by the neon of the street lights and the cold glow of your dashboard. You put this on to drown out the bullshit, to fight off the rottenness in the world, a companion to your struggle that gets you in the most soulful way possible.

Damn this is smooth. This is for fans of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, or Bryson Tiller, with the warm and fuzzy production of Clams Casino or Balam Acab, a sub bass heavy haze of atmospheric world building and beautiful soundscapes. Listen below and get into it.