SEAN VS. WILD: Sean interviews Zack Pennington of Light Treasons and Flying Axes!

It’s the SIXTEENTH episode of Sean Vs Wild, and we are joined in the studio by wildly entertaining guitarist/marketing genius Zack Pennington. Zack sits down with Sean over a delicious chai latte to discuss their thoughts on Dunkin Donuts, his band Light Treasons, being the C.O.O. of “FLYING AXES“- a brand new ax throwing venue opening up in Louisville, the art of throwing an ax, and his marketing service HERELANCER, which connects people with local freelancers and agencies for marketing/business projects. Zack also shares insights and gives advice to anyone looking to launch a business or project of their own. This is definitely the show to tune into to help get you motivated into meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams. So tune in, take some notes, and prepare to laugh out loud on this new episode of the Sean Vs Wild Podcast!


146 N. Clay St.
Louisville, KY 40202


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