LISTEN: Projector – “Odds”

Dreamy indie rock trio Projector (or is it “PRJCTR”?) have released their debut 3-song EP titled Odds. If you didn’t already know, Projector is new project from former Nerves Junior front-man Zack O’Renick, Maximon‘s Chris Johnson on bass/keys, and Ocifer’s Greg Drury on drums.

There’s a persisting vibe throughout Odds that reminds me of Bends-era Radiohead, as the music is mostly spaced out alternative folk, not to mention that O’renick’s vocal approach seems to be heavily inspired by none other than Thom Yorke, a feat that more than a few folks have attempted. Thankfully, he pulls it off well. At times I’m also thinking of Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest record, which I’d consider to be a huge compliment (to me, anyway).

My favorite track is “If I Won The Lottery”, a groovy, acoustic guitar-driven song with a bit of a throwback mood to it somewhat reminiscent of early Neil Young. This song has the sort of utility that could end up on all sorts of themed playlists – a camping playlist, a yard work playlist, a sit-on-your-porch-and-drink-beer playlist… you get it. In my opinion, it’s the sort of noise that compliments any outdoor experience.

Listen to Odds in its entirety below; stream it on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.