LISTEN: Tarvos Trigaranus – “Ballad of Agares”

Freak out your friends with the haunted ambient bops of Tarvos Trigaranus. There is a deep and all abiding heaviness to this track that’s like what you’d expect the summoning chamber for Cthulhu to sound like, a dark and cryptic abyss. So you know, this is the darkest of ambient music, droning and reverb drenched, a micro-tonal exploration of atmosphere and texture that would make legends of the genre like Gas or Biosphere blush. For the rest of this review, I’ll need to bust out my thesaurus to figure out a word other than “dark,” because that’s what this is and there is literally no better way to describe what proceeds. This is what you put on at Halloween, with only one red light signaling that you have candy; this is what you blast at children to give them nightmares.

Listen below, but probably do it with the lights on. Bonus points if you play this loudly in the office on a rainy day, and double those points if you come into the office wearing a Cloak of Darkness and carrying the Staff of Baphomet. You know who you are.