LISTEN: Perm – “The Marathon”

Man, sometimes you just need to embrace your inner cheesiness, and there isn’t a better cure for that than Perm. With “The Marathon“, Perm, aka Atticus Coleman, puts it all out there for love. Are you ready to get funky? Well who cares if you are or not, because you are required to bust a groove when you put this on blast. Be warned: there are some sick bass licks here, hot electro action, and a cool croon that lets it all hang out. You could imagine Perm as a protege of Prince or at least a disciple of Rick James. My instinct is to seek out some kind of contemporary reference, and while there are certainly examples to pull from, there is a classic 80’s feel to this that, if you didn’t know any better, would blend right in with George Michael and the best of the rest.

Think about love in the most aggressively funk-oriented way possible and try not to wear out your new kicks dancing. Listen below and know joy.

One thought on “LISTEN: Perm – “The Marathon”

  • April 26, 2017 at 7:59 am

    This song makes me incredibly hot on you.

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