LISTEN: Rarebit – “832​-​BASS”

Every now and then, maybe because of our small staff and the onslaught of awesome that our city has to offer up, we sleep on something. Today, we missed out on Rarebit, a band that I just happened to see a little online thanks to someone’s FB Live feed. So color me their track 832-BASS,” and I’m pleasantly surprised. This is some boss old school indie rock here, pop heavy, but not shy about getting noisy. There are undertones here of Archers of Loaf or Pavement, mixed with a healthy diet of Unwound or Crain, all presented here as the highest praise. Equal parts moody and melodic, with their debut track Rarebit promise to be a force to be reckoned with in Louisville music, assuming that anyone thinks that any musician needs such. I mean, it’s not like it’s a fight or that talent is a finite well that they’re draining with their collective bad-assery.

This is catchy music with giant chunky riffs perfect for the boss Spring weather that we’ve been fortunate to have. Listen below and get ready to get rowdy.