WATCH: Belushi Speed Ball Rock Your Face Off!

Any live video that starts with hollering and boss 80’s style shades is definitely a good time. The dudes in Belushi Speed Ball are here to prove that they’re basically Slayer on the back of Raining Blood, just a bunch of thrash metal loving rascals that aren’t afraid to wear jams and crush beers and stuff. Taken from their record release show Friday, March 24th at Kaiju, the BSB crew is out in full force for some table flipping good times. Did I mention that they sing about Spongebob Squarepants and that they threw silly string into the crowd? Because these folks get it. If you can watch this video and not get sucked into the fun, then you might be dead. Or just square. Are you Tipper Gore? Are you here to be a stick in the mud and take things super seriously? This is probably not your scene then, you know, and I guess that’s fine if you want to be a wet blanket.

This is a must for fans of Municipal Waste or early-Suicidal Tendencies, raw and unmitigated thrash punk out to kill it in the best way possible. Check it out below and get ready to go wild at your desk or wherever you are with your smart phone (warning: avoid a port-a-potty for your ensuing mosh frenzy).