SEAN VS. WILD: Sean interviews untamed musician and model Lady Robert!

It’s Episode 14, and Sean is kicking off April showcasing more hot new music and up-and-coming brands, with Lady Robert. She joined us in the studio all the way back in February and since then has been taking the internet by storm with her website “UNTAMED ANTI HUMAN“, a site that empowers men and women to embrace their true selves, without being tied down to conventional rules. WARNING: Website is NSFW as it does feature artistic nude modeling.

Lady Robert discusses taking the plunge into modeling, the reaction to it from her friends and family, her musical career, writing her new album “FIRE QUEEN”, her love of Elton John, how her father was almost a part of tragic rock n roll history, hanging out with Alice Cooper and Yelawolf, and how to truly embrace being untamed. Tune in and rock out with the new episode of Sean Vs Wild!

Lady Robert’s Links:

Instagram: @LadyRobertX