HBTVS PODCAST: From Dusk Till Dawn, Ghost in the Shell, and the new It trailer!

On this episode of the House By The Video Store podcast we will be reviewing From Dusk Till Dawn and Ghost in the Shell, and discussing recent news. Have any feedback for us or questions or corrections? Send us an email at podcast@housebythevideostore.com or leave a comment! The topics covered and the start times are included in the notes below.


The news discussion (including the It trailer, The Conjuring lawsuit, and more) begins at 00:01:16

The It trailer can be seen at the link: https://youtu.be/FnCdOQsX5kc

The review of From Dusk Till Dawn begins at 00:22:07

The (spoiler free) review of Ghost in the Shell begins at 00:47:48

The Ghost and the Shell spoiler discussion begins at 01:27:53