LISTEN: Shi – “Cellar 1”

Get ready for giant riffs and drum bits, a slow plodding doom like the most heavy metal glacier that ever crushed your city. Just like that. Shi delivers in some doom, sludge goodness, a caveman-esque plodding ritual to all things metal and righteous. You wear robes when listening to this, your long hair flowing in the breeze, a slow creeping pain in your neck from the incessant head banging demanded of your body. You listen to this riding a dragon into battle, flames greeting your enemies, your axe finding their weak flesh inviting. You use this to ward off the pious, the squares and sticks in the mud that want to wreck your fun with their prudishness and lame outlooks on the world. It’s like that, y’all.

Any review would be incomplete without some kind of reference point to anchor the listener, a comparative analysis that tips you off as to what you’re expecting, as if the above didn’t paint an able picture of gloomy, crushing awesomeness. For fans of Sleep, Electric Wizard, or Harvey Milk, but with surprisingly more banjo. Listen below and make Tipper Gore and all her wet blanket friends weep in fear for your heathen ways.