LISTEN: Joan Shelley – “Wild Indifference”

There’s something about the beautiful sounds that singer/songwriter Joan Shelley makes that makes me think of warmer weather, and considering that Spring has finally arrived, the fact that she has a new record on the way seems fitting. Her upcoming self titled album (which was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy) will be released May 5th via No Quarter Records; preorder it here. This will be the first time we’ve heard from her since last year’s brilliant Cost of the Cold / Here and Whole 7inch.

The first single from Shelley’s latest LP is called “Wild Indifference”, a delicate, low-key track that mostly features her soothing voice as she gracefully strums her guitar. It’s about what you’d expect in a standard Joan Shelley track, but as usual she also keeps it interesting with some decorative dobro (I think that’s a dobro, anyway) that gives the song a sort of haunted sense of reflection.

Listen to “Wild Indifference” below; the track is also available on Spotify:

WORTH MENTIONING: Joan Shelley is about to embark on a tour that spans from the American Midwest to the east coast all the way to the UK; go here for the full list of dates. Unfortunately I didn’t see any Louisville dates, but I’m sure one will pop up sooner than later.