LISTEN: Belushi Speed Ball – “Hash Slinging Slasher”

It’s a sunny Friday morning, which means that it’s the freakin’ weekend and I’m gonna have me some fun. Maybe not what R Kelly had in mind, but Belushi Speed Ball is ready to get your skis shined up, a table flipping thrash metal track from their upcoming album that is pure, unfiltered mayhem. This is that song that they play in the movie when the kids are breaking dishes and spray painting things, but like in the 80’s and stuff. They’re wearing punk rock things and they have giant mohawks, because that’s what street toughs do, you know. Did I mention this song is apparently about Spongebob Squarepants? That’s rhetorical: of course I didn’t, but here we are, getting right into the muck.

Get your morning Slayer on, but maybe with a little less foolishness from Tom Araya (spoiler: a lot less foolishness, really), and a whole lot more awesomeness. Yeah, I’m calling you out Slayer. Deal with it, suckers. This track is unadulterated good times, and a perfect kick off to the weekend, freaking or otherwise. Check them out at their record release show tomorrow night with Boner City and Dick Titty Blood Punch at Kaiju. Check it out below and get into it.