LISTEN: I Have A Knife – “Pumpkinhead”

There is definitely something that recalls the southern fried indie/metal antics of Hedge or Kinghorse, both local legends by my estimation, on the newest from I Have A Knife, a punk furious barnburner that isn’t afraid to show its roots. This is rowdy music for a rowdy crowd and one that may or may not, at one point at least, have landed you a stiff kick if you stepped out of line. Unfortunately, IHAK called it a day recently, but that hasn’t stopped the release of their impending album, Of Criminals and Kings, which is out now with proceeds going to Home of the Innocents. According to Facebook, which is where I guess most of America gets their “news,” Garrison and company are already looking to the future for something new, so watch out for that.

Listen below at top volume and try and land some sick jump kicks while you’re at it.