WATCH: T. McAfee – “Pushin’ On A Hustle”

Man, this is dope. One of the virtues of this gig is that sometimes folks just send us music and sometimes we really like it. T. McAfee is certainly in that category, an emcee that I was previously unaware of putting out some boss quality bops. With Pushin’ On A Hustle, McAfee offers up a laid back beat, just all chill times and easy breezes, cut here by a melancholia that gives it just that right kind of grit. There is a Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye vibe to the music and lyrics, filtered through the rhyme styles of Blackalicious, and grimy production, here by Hines-57, of  classic Def Jux act Cannibal Ox. In fact, the music here is a little reminiscent of C.R.E.A.M., by the Wu-Tang Clan, if only for that high drone that carries through a track, an icy cold line that adds a coolness here that sticks with you.

The video features digs into those themes, a collage of cityscapes passing you by, an apt metaphor for life. McAfee’s city is boarded up buildings, cracked glass and mirrors, and urban murals, juxtaposed in part by glossy corporate buildings, a reminder of how institutions erase marginalized members of our society. Images of McAfee pushing back, stand still and living in those spaces, serves as a reminder not only to stop and appreciate the world around you, but that there is beauty all around you, no matter your social stratum. It’s an elegant video to go along with an excellent addition to the Louisville hip-hop scene, and one that we’re excited to share with you today.

Watch below and just go with the flow.