RESIST: Trump’s Arrival to Louisville Prompts Protests

It’s barely 9am and there is already a tangible air of resistance in Louisville prior to the arrival of Cheeto Mussolini this afternoon. Seen here on the Cherokee Park overpass off I-64 in the Highlands, is a simple command: resist. It’s not futile, but pertinent to the continued success of our democracy. Never forget that the powers that be are not your ultimate authority, but paid public servants subject to the will of the public.┬áDo you want your money to fund Healthcare, Meals on Wheels, the NEA, and the EPA (to name a few)? Resist. Do you value black lives, trans lives, women, and any other marginalized member of our society, ground down by systems institutionalized to serve only the most fortunate? Resist. Do you value charity, empathy, and good will? Resist. Resist white nationalism, bald racism, and the alt-reich. Resist the continued destruction of our planet, ceaseless warfare, and bigoted immigration laws.

This list could easily go on. Make your voice heard. Sign off in the comments. Stand up for the less fortunate, the imposed upon, and the downtrodden. Look Fascism in the face and say no. This is your sign. And if there are more today, we will write about it. As he rolls in town today, resist. Be safe, but make your voice heard. We are in charge of our country.