LISTEN: Bonez – “HoodySZN”

After hearing him pop up on a few cuts from other folks, Bonez has returned with a new EP of his own called HoodySZN which features six brand new songs. After hitting play, it is immediately evident that the production on his latest effort is high class offering silky smooth beats from start to finish that sometimes utilize jazzy keyboards (“Strange Rain”), while other tracks are more hard hitting trunk rattlers (“I Remember”). My favorite cut on this EP is most definitely “Blown” that blends both approaches with a killer hook from Dirty Flannel Dave serving as a perfect late night soundtrack while sippin’ on your favorite bourbon.

While I don’t consider Bonez to be Louisville’s finest lyricist, his appeal to me lies mostly in his unique flow and clever hooks that he intertwines into each track. HoodySZN has immediately become my favorite release of his as he manages to harness his extraordinary vocal approach and deliver each line to perfection over each dope beat. And please allow me to reiterate that every beat on this EP is fuckin’ dope. For a deeper review from Sloe Pink that breaks down each track (producers, lyrics, etc), go here.

Also, I feel it worth mentioning how cool the HoodySZN album art from Kogan Dumb is. I mean, really, look at this shit:


Listen to HoodySZN in its entirety below via Spotify (also available on Tidal and Pandora):

To get you extra hyped on his new EP, Bonez made a music video featuring his song “I Remember” which was shot by Thomas Johns of 750four Productions. The video mostly features him rapping and dancing underneath a bridge, and while that might sound like another run of the mill visual, this video was expertly shot and has a slick vibe from start to finish. I’d say that despite it’s basic concept, it’s probably my favorite music video of 2017 thus far.

Watch it below: