SPORTS: The 2017 Never Nervous Bracket Challenge!

I’m sure you know how this goes right? It’s March Madness and everyone is filling out tournament brackets at work or school or with friends or their bookie. You’ll usually see Never Nervous where the fun is happening, so there is no way we were missing out on this action. We started an ESPN group and invited all our friends from the community. Not everyone felt confident enough to fill out a bracket (*cough*Syd*cough*). Some people did brackets despite absolute certainty that they had no idea what they were doing. It’s all in good fun and the winner gets a Never Nervous T-Shirt and a $20 gift certificate to Guestroom Records (we love Guestroom!). I’ll be keeping you updated on how everyone is doing on Mondays.

So that’s it. See how some of your favorite local artist fair against the crew at Never Nervous in this years NCAA bracket. The list of entrants are below and Go Cards!

Good luck everyone! Let the games begin!