LISTEN: Body Double – “Just a Taste”

It seems dubious that you’ll stumble on a tighter groove than Giving Your Man A Taste, the opening track by Body Double. The latest project by Andrew Padon (Straight A’s/Kangaroo) and Sean Roberts (Straight A’s/Asm A Tik) is a difficult beast to describe. As you might expect, there is more than a little Straight A’s at work here, albeit with less of a noise rock angle, privileging synths and drums above all else. There is more than a little prog in the DNA here, with a sound kind of like later-era King Crimson or Magma, as filtered through Massive Attack or Amon Tobin, electronic artists that lock hard into a beat, though never at the expense of creating a mood. Clocking in at just three songs, all of which are instrumental, this is an excellent taste of what’s to come, pun intended, and one that shows a helluva a lot of promise.

Listen below and see why I’ve had this stuck in my head for a few weeks now.