REBUTTAL: Wave 3 Responds to Liz Palmer’s Remarks

Yesterday, we published an open letter from Liz Palmer, an educator and media critic, to Representative Kevin Bratcher regarding HB 151, the bill that seeks to abolish busing. As part of their exchange, Rep. Bratcher shared a story from Wave 3, which presented an anecdotal case as to how one parent is effected by the current school choice options, which Palmer responded to per her prompt. Below is the rebuttal by Wave 3 News Director Bill Shory, provided here in the spirit of fair exchange and open dialogue. Read on.


Thank you for pointing out this exchange.

Ms. Palmer certainly makes some excellent points regarding the neighborhood schools bill. Interestingly, we have raised virtually all of those points – at length – in the many stories we have done on this issue. I have rearranged staff schedules and assignments to make sure we offer extensive coverage on this bill, and that we cover as broad a range of issues as possible.

Natalia Martinez has done at least two stories on this bill, including some of the very first coverage done by any outlet.

William Joy has done numerous stories here in Louisville and in Frankfort. He did two different stories showing the challenges this bill would create by leaving many schools grossly over or underpopulated. He also covered the rally against the bill on Monday, and broke the news of Sen. Seum’s proposed changes.

Kasey Cunningham, our education reporter, has done a number of stories, including the JCPS board meeting and resolution, the story Ms. Palmer cited about a West End parent who supported the bill, and a story the following day in which she woke up in the early hours to travel across town with a student who loves the choice that the current system provides.

These and many other stories are posted in our “JCPS News” section.

It’s unfortunate that Rep. Bratcher chose only the story that supported his viewpoint, and presented it as if we endorse his bill. We have taken no such position, nor will we.

However, it’s equally unfortunate that Ms. Palmer looked at that one story and drew broad conclusions about the whole of our reporting. Every story we do cannot represent every viewpoint, but we try to give voice to as many as possible through the breadth of our coverage.

As we see in Washington on a daily basis, it is very easy to dismiss stories you don’t like by claiming the media is your “enemy,” or to brandish stories that you like as a weapon. This exchange between Rep. Bratcher and Ms. Palmer shows that neither tactic is limited to any one part of the political spectrum.

Bill Shory
News Director

One thought on “REBUTTAL: Wave 3 Responds to Liz Palmer’s Remarks

  • March 10, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    Dear Never Nervous, first, thank you for your efforts. One quibble: please don’t use phrases like this will abolish busing. That buys into the very old and very inaccurate rhetoric that that the “bus” is the problem. Clearly it isn’t. Children rode buses long before 1975 and most would ride buses long after this bill passes (which hopefully it won’t). Blaming problems on the bus rides is a an old conservative tactic meant to allow people to critique desegregation while not seeming racist. Call it what it is, this bill is meant to abolish desegregation and diversity in our schools.

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