Introducing: One Track Mind

Introducing One Track Mind, the post where we ask an artist to disassemble a track that they think best represents what it is that they do, or basically Song Exploder light. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that, that I’m so smitten with an idea that I pursue something almost identical myself, but I can’t help it: finding the core of what makes a song a song is and may forever be one of life’s greatest mysteries to me. Let’s face it, music is just moving around the air, literally playing with how air pressure hits your ear drums, so on a basic level it has to be a bit of an enigma. Logically speaking, our ability to hear is likely just an evolutionary cautionary tale, a means of hearing incoming danger so that we know what to avoid and when to do it. So songs are just the icing on the cake, aural sex without the intended function of such. You listen to music because it triggers something in you, because it scratches some itch that you may not have even realized that you had, and I want to know more.

So that’s the deal. We talk to people. We ask them about their current favorite song in their canon and ask them to take it apart. We’re deep diving into the unknown to try and figure out how something works. Was it the music first? What’s the hook? How does each riff play with one another? What were the obstacles in songwriting? We want to know and we want to share that with you.

Interested? Write to us at and we’ll definitely take it into consideration. I mean, hell on a long enough time line, everyone would get in. Here’s to wishing for more hours in the day.