LISTEN: Girls Rock Louisville Summer Camp Bands 2016

Today seems like the perfect day to remind you to check out the Girls Rock Louisville Summer Camp Bands 2016, a compilation which, as advertised, showcases the various bands that formed at last years GRL camp. Did I mention that these songs are surprisingly righteous? The surprise here is that in each case, at least to my knowledge, these bands all formed in the course of one week. You can hear that energy, the sort generated from that first blush at creating, that comes with each song. Add to that my unmitigated joy at both the band name and song titled Flawless Bosses, and you have an absolute slam dunk of a comp. The mix here is punk radness and hip-hop badassery, a cool combo that pretty much sums up the flawless bosses in our community. Listen to this and then buy it, because the GRL camp is the best.

Plug this into your ear holes and get ready to wig out. I command you all to dance party level today. Ascend to your highest form. Dig deep on some top bops. hit play below. Then buy it or don’t and risk being a serious jerk.