SEAN VS. WILD: Sean sits down with Isaac Mingo & The Night Birds!

Peep the strategy as Sean sits down with Isaac, Chase, and Frenchie of Isaac Mingo & The Night Birds on this 10th Episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! The gang sits back and shotguns a few Budweisers as they discuss the release of not one, not two, but THREE brand new EPs by the band! Isaac also discusses the long road of dealing with depression, the musical light that has brought him out of that darkness, and how the new releases tell the story of his journey. Later in the show we are joined by Sean Cunningham of Nashville-based band The Cunning to discuss The Night Birds’ upcoming triple-EP release show at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Other hot button issues discussed include The Mighty Ducks, which island nation is most beautiful, the comedy stylings of Paul Rudd, the badass-ness of Bill Paxton (R.I.P.), getting dissed by Helen Hunt, and the gang plots to get Jennifer Lawrence onto the show. Turn up the volume and rip off the knob, and let’s get wild on this episode of Sean Vs. Wild!

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