LISTEN: Wax Fang – “Pusher”

It’s been nearly three years since Wax Fang released the sci-fi themed rock opera The Astronaut. You have no need to patiently wait for more colossal mega-rock from these wizards, because it’s here. “Pusher” is the first single from their upcoming album Victory Laps which is set to be released May 5th. This track has all the important aspects of a catchy pop song (something you don’t always expect from Wax Fang) while still being as vast and epic as much of their past work. At first you believe you’re listening to a 2 minute pop influenced rock tune, and next thing you know you’ve listened to a six and a half minute rock-sonata.

Pre-order Victory Laps here. Listen to “Pusher” below, or stream it on Spotify: