BYMI: Shadowpact Respawns For A Killer Show with Dave. & Goodbar at Spinelli’s!

Saturday night at Spinelli’s downtown location was special. It was Shadowpact‘s release show for their latest EP Respawn. Upon entry, the uncommon essence of the show was apparent from the moment you walked through the door. Unless you were under 24 years old you probably felt pretty out of place walking through the concrete foyer into the Spinellis basement. “Why do I feel like I’m at a skating rink right now,” I asked my wife. I didn’t know about Trash Colony.

I don’t have video or pictures of Trash Colony because you couldn’t get to the front of their ultra young crowd. I could hear them however, and they sounded like if Wu-Tang were 16 and based out of Louisville. It was quality hip hop with great boom-bap beats. This may not be your thing now, but keep an eye on these guys, I know I will be.

Dirty Flannel Dave followed Trash Colony. He’s someone I’ve been trying to catch for a while on a solo show. I loved his Dirty Flannel album and he lived up to all the vibes of it. Dave is a unique thrift wordsmith who gives zero fucks about what you think of him or the way he dresses.

The highlight of the night was easily Mr. Goodbar. I think he’s graduated to “Dr. Goodbar” at this point. His live shows get better every time he performs and Saturday was an unforgettable performance. Not only did he and Dat Boi Dunn absolutely set the room on fire, but hearing Goodbar talk about his love for the city and the people in it was truly inspiring. If you haven’t been to a Goodbar show, change that ASAP!

Shadowpact came out like they had a point to prove, and to be honest that was the only way to do it following Goodbar. They certainly held their own and the tracks off of Respawn go hard live. They went so hard that it’s nearly impossible to catch a decent picture or video of them because they jump and dance so much. They put everything into their performance, including their own money for candy… such nice guys.

The true MVP of the night was “The Worlds Quietest DJ” Artimus The Archer. She DJ’d for Dave, Goodbar, and Shadowpact flawlessly. While she isn’t the “in your face” or “scream on your track” DJ Khaled type of DJ, it’s fun to watch her deep concentration on making sure the party never stops. Without her the show wouldn’t have been what it was.

Check out some footage of the show below: