LISTEN: PRJCTR – “Pray To The Odds”

PRJCTR is new project from former Nerves Junior front-man Zack O’Renick, Maximon‘s Chris Johnson on bass/keys, and Ocifer’s Greg Drury on drums. After putting together a collection of new songs over the last two years, the band is ready to release their debut EP next month. Odds is the name of their upcoming effort, and it is scheduled to hit the streets April 7th. To get you hyped on its inception they are streaming their first single “Pray To The Odds” on Soundcloud.

The tune has a vintage Neil Young vibe to it, but with Thom Yorke inspired vocals and decorative atmospheric synthesizer. Near the end of the song there’s a cool spaced out guitar solo that serves as the proverbial cherry on top of this excellent new track. To get a further dose of insight into their new music, read an excerpt from their press release below:

Drenched in an elusive familiarity, PRJCTR brings straight forward rock and roll, inspired by Townes Van Zandt storytelling, electronic shimmers, and Neil Young guitars. With Chris Johnson (Maximon) on bass/keys, and Greg Drury (Ocifer) on steady drums, their sound harnesses layered post-rock movements, and rides waves of shifting and building electronic textures.

Listen to “Pray To The Odd” below:

RELEASE SHOW: To celebrate the release of Odds, a release show is set to happen Friday, April 7th at Zanzabar. Stay tuned for more information on the event.