PODCAST: Frederick The Younger discusses their new record, their new video, + more!

Last Thursday, February 23rd, Jake traveled with Quiet Hollers to Chicago to play a show at the Elbo Room alongside psych-pop band Frederick The Younger. Armed with a brand new handheld recorder (that he wasn’t sure how to operate), Jake had the chance to sit down with FTY for a few minutes before the gig. They discussed their new album, their next album, and their newest video for the track “Horoscope.”

This episode is also extra special because it is the first to be released on the brand spanking new Nervous Podcast Network! We’ve combined our podcast along with 4 of the best podcasts that Louisville has to offer. Those podcasts are Parade of Horribles, House By The Video Store, Actual Conversations, and Sean Vs. Wild. Be sure to check all of the podcasts under the new network, subscribe, then give us all 5 star reviews on iTunes! That’s not asking too much, is it?

Listen to Jake’s conversation with Frederick The Younger below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: More information about The Never Nervous Podcast Network will be available soon.