WATCH: Terry Rozier busts out nasty Shammgod against the Raptors!

I hear it all the time in the city of Louisville: “College basketball is so much better than the NBA.” In some respect I understand where they are coming from considering that the NCAA tournament is the most exciting sporting event that exists. Even so, my response is always, “You don’t like seeing the greatest athletes in the world playing the greatest game in the world? You don’t like to see what your favorite college stars are doing after they graduate?” The idea that you should stop watching a guy play basketball because he’s getting better makes no sense. If you’re a Louisville fan, Gorgui Dieng, Montrezl Harrell, and Terry Rozier are lighting the league up. If you’re a UK fan, you have someone on almost every team and the most overrated player you’ve ever had (DeMarcus Cousins) just joined the best UK player of all time (Anthony Davis).

Friday night was a particularly exciting night for Louisville fans as former Cardinal, Terry Rozier performed one of the most difficult and least seen moves in all of basketball. “The Shammgod” is a crossover that was invented in Croatia and later perfected by NYC hoops legend, God Shammgod Wells. Shammgod, the man, played two years at Providence and about 30 games in the NBA, but he’s as well known as your average all-star in the basketball community because of his crossover and the many ways he could do it. He’s one of the greatest ball handlers of all time considering that 90% of the NBA can’t pull off that move now, and even less can do it in a game.

All that being said, “The Shammgod” has had a small resurgence in the NBA this year. Russell Westbrook pulled a nasty version of it in December. Then Friday night Rozier decided to stake his claim as an elite ball handler in the NBA, and it was beautiful. Watch the video of Rozier below, but then spend a few minutes watching Shammgod Wells highlights. They are best when you put “yakkity sax” in the background because they feature a lot of defenders looking really stupid.

@gmb_chum12 lays down a quick #shammgod to get to the rim!

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