BEER: Great Flood’s canned Find-A-Way IPA!

Earlier this month, Great Flood brewery unveiled a pair of new canned beers: The Find-A-Way IPA and the Toasted Brown Ale. Each of these brews are available now at their 2120 Bardstown Road location, and are also on the shelves at a number of local beer & liquor outlets including  Total Wine, Cox’s Smokers Outlet, Evergreen Liquors, and Goldsmith Lane Liquor World (where I found them). To find out more about where you can purchase these two home grown beers, go here (or for upcoming tastings, go here).

Due to budgetary constraints, I was only able to purchase one of these six-packs, and considering the unseasonable warmth we’ve been experiencing, I decided to go with the Find-A-Way IPA. This is what a sixer of these cans looks like:


This IPA, while nothing extraordinary is a delicious, full-bodied experience that at 7% alcohol will get you feelin’ good pretty quickly. While I’m no beer expert, I certainly know what I like, and this I like. How does it make me feel? I’m feelin’ like Donatello with a mohawk playing a sweet, sweet keytar:


Considering that I’ve never had a less-than-stellar pour from them, it should be no surprise that these retail cans are excellent. I’m stoked that Great Flood has decided to start canning their beer and can’t wait to bring home their Toasted Brown Ale. Louisville’s micro/craft beer scene seems to be thriving in 2017, and Great Flood is a big proponent of this recent local beer surge.