PODCAST: Shadowpact returns to discuss their new EP, hip hop with live bands + more!

On the 32nd episode of The Never Nervous Podcast, we were joined once again by hip hop trio Shadowpact. The main purpose of their visit was to talk about their upcoming EP Respawn, which is due out March 4th. A release show is set to happen the same day at Spinelli’s downtown; go here for more details on the event.

Listen on as Jake, Thommy and I talk to Sleye Kooper, Modern Marvill and Artemis the Archer about their new tunes, video game soundtracks, and whether or not hip hop groups should utilize live bands at shows.

This episode of The Never Nervous Podcast is sponsored by Cumberland Brewery. For more information on this most excellent local brewpub, go here.

Photo of Shadowpact by Errick Easterday // Podcast edited by Austin Hellman

One thought on “PODCAST: Shadowpact returns to discuss their new EP, hip hop with live bands + more!

  • February 21, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Really enjoyed this episode. Wanted to chime in several time while listening, especially while listening to the discussions on live bands in hip hop. I’ve been on both sides of the fence as a bass player in Actual People and as a producer that sends emcees to the gig with an instrumental. I’ve seen both pulled off effortlessly and sounded good at the same time. If I am expecting to hear a emcee rap over a dope beat and there’s a band backing him up it can be a let down. It’s just my personal preference but, I also don’t think a lot of live hip hop bands don’t do the original tracks justice. There definitely are exceptions to the rule though. I’ve seen Jay-Z, El-P, Talib Kweli completely destroy with live bands. I think bands like The Roots & Atmosphere pull it off so well because a lot of it was written on live instruments and the had live shows in mind when recording. It’s all just opinion anyway.

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