LISTEN: Charlie 3X – “Slippin’ Away” (Prod. By Purps of 808 Mafia)

One of the best things about writing for Never Nervous is happening upon music that we may never have heard about otherwise. Case in point is Charlie 3X. He reached out to us a while ago, and only recently did time allow a proper visit to his music, which is entirely our loss. This is fucking boss. The titular rapper has a smooth flow and a solid handle on how to let the production breath. He works with the beat, which gives a nice bounce to the already fantastic production. Perhaps its the rise of available technology, but this sounds amazing, like absolutely the kind of thing that ought to be on the radio. That’s not intended as a backhanded compliment either, but a reflection on the high quality music coming out of the city. Where once “local” music, a kind of pejorative that suggest if only by relegating the music here in town to a level somehow below national music, the kind of jams that we’re getting through is absolutely competitive with the best out there right now.

There are trap elements to the production, although not overwhelmingly so. This is a great compliment to the new James Lindsey record, or maybe even some of the more straight forward Danny Brown stuff I’ve heard. Listen below and judge for yourself.