LISTEN: iNTELLi G – “dusty creep with information”

It’s the end of a very long day here at Never Nervous headquarters and iNTELLi G has some mad bops to flip my mind’s eye or something. With dusty creep, iNTELLi G is going full Aphex Twin with an EDM vibe that doesn’t flinch at the maximalist production. It’s less the Fly Lo method of hyper color tonality, and more the weird bleeps and blops like a haunted hard drive designed to punk your brain. An instrumental title, the song lives and dies on its internal weirdness, backed here by a title that suggests something illicit and, well, weird. Who is this dusty creep and what is his information? I suppose you’ll have to let your imagination do the talking on this.

Flip your wig here and punch your ears in the nuts below. It’s your call if you do it at work, but I’d argue that you only live once. The production here is superlative, although never at the detriment of a solid hook. You will bob your head to this, I absolutely guarantee it. If you don’t, you may or may not be a full on jerk, which is really your cross to bear.