LISTEN: Atomo​ -​ ‘Tangata Manu: “Go Shave Your Head​/​Sharkbait​/​Vertigo” (ft. Cher Von​)​’

Part of his split with Tony Robot, Atomo makes the soundtrack that haunted your childhood, whether that recalls a digital Miami that you need to race through, or a rough and raging street replete with 80’s punk rock thugs or something equally inane that you need to save the president from . It’s a fun bopper that doesn’t flinch from phat synth tones and breakneck tempo changes. You want electro jams, you’ve got it. You want ghostly vocals? Check, courtesy here by the always welcome Cher Von, adding her experimental experience here, for a kind of hyper-electronic Diamanda Galas.

There is little like this in town, and Atomo continues to create interesting and fun music, which might be exactly what the world needs. Listen below and taste the rainbow. And you can pick up the new record on auralgamiSOUNDS on February 17th as part of their Paper Anniversary 2 weekend.