WATCH: Stonecutters – “Carbon Footprint”

Brace yourselves, metal maniacs! Stonecutters made a killer music video featuring their heavy-as-shit song “Carbon Footprint” which can be found on their latest record Blood Moon (Read our review here). While I’m not completely sure what the narrative is on this video (if there is one), it definitely has a satisfying horror vibe to it.

This video, directed by Athena Prychodko plays out like a short film that follows a man around town who may or may not be loosing his mind as he convulsively pukes blood (I think that’s blood anyway). He stumbles around his apartment, wanders through the woods, and even makes a stop in at The Great Escape (hell yeah!). After watching a couple times I’m thinking of Evil Dead II and The Blair Witch Project, two awesome low budget horror classics.

Watch the video for “Carbon Footprint” below: