WATCH: Rick Pitino loses it on a water bottle (or something) at Syracuse!

Last night’s overtime game against Syracuse was an exciting nail-biter, buts also incredibly frustrating as a Cardinal fan. At the end of regulation and overtime, Louisville seemingly had the game semi-comfortably won in the final minutes but mistakes would bring The Orange right back into contention. Whether it were unforced turnovers or missed free throws, The Cardinals seemed to be giving the game away on multiple occasions. Thankfully, Louisville ended up pulling it out winning the game 76-72 conclusively beating the spread which was UofL -3 (get more game recap at Card Chronicle).

In the closing seconds of overtime, Louisville was nursing a 2 point lead when Anas Mahmoud fouled Tyler Roberson with 2.7 seconds remaining. At first I thought it was a bullshit call, but after the replay you see Anas clearly smack his wrist/arm area right in front of the ref. This clearly pissed Rick Pitino off as he violently slapped a water bottle (or container of gum?) off of the scorer’s’ table:

While other coaches might’ve restrained themselves from doing something like this, I always love it when Rick lets his inner Bobby Knight out and shows genuine emotion throughout the course of a game.I can’t say that I blame him; a minute ago Louisville had a commanding 8 point lead and pissed it away after turnovers, missed free throws and a boneheaded Mangok Mathiang foul on a three point shooter (yeah, he hit all three free throws too). Oh well, Louisville won, so hopefully these guys can learn from this frustrating finish.

ALSO WORTH WATCHING: Get load of a multi-angled clip of Donovan Mitchell’s sick one-handed alley-ooo dunk (you know the one I’m talking about) complete with the priceless Syracuse bench reaction: