LISTEN: Shadowpact – “Cutscene”

Huzzah, jerks! Blessed be the day that new Shadowpact touches your earholes to sock your brain in the kisser. Are they bringing that Nintendo themed goodness? Yes! They have that magic drone and trap hits that you need. And that smooth, smooth flow, bay-bee boi. You put this on right now and bounce, because goddamn you need to. I hate to say this, because it’s kind of a big thing, but damn this has a kind of RTJ vibe going on, and I’m not sure that I can possibly lay out higher praise, especially considering that I’ve had 3 on constant repeat for about two months now. The production here by DJ Shaheed is as mentioned remarkable, matched only by the ever evolving and improving Shadowpact. That’s something, considering that to my mind they started off superlatively so; if they keep this ascension up they’ll soon leave behind their mortal coils and beam hot raps straight into your brain.

Look, I’m not going to argue about this. It’s riling me up today. Just put this on and see why I’m so hyped right now, bouncing in my chair at home, but not too much, because the kids are sleeping. Shush now for those quiet bops.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure to tune into next week’s episode of The Never Nervous Podcast to get a detailed rundown on the making of “Cutscene” from Shadowpact themselves!