LISTEN: See Tai – “Glass Canyon”

Back in the mid-aughts, The Photographic made waves in town with a big indie sound. Theirs is the epic variety of big build indie, tight hooks that climax in an almost certainly shoegaze indebted way. The guitars are huge, but the melodies are larger still, stacking into infinity. Lost now to the sands of time, Jamie See Tai, one half of that duo, has returned with a self-titled project that continues his legacy of lush sonic landscapes. With Glass Canyon, See Tai weaves an aural tapestry that emphasizes strong pop elements and a new wave flourishes. There are elements here of classics like Cyndi Lauper and Fleetwood Mac, and more modern acts like Washed out, all of which evoke heartbreak and angsty listen sessions.

This is an imminently listenable song, one that we’re proud to debut today. Feeling lonely? Let the sweet croons of See Tai bring you home, a warm embrace on a day best punctuated by the free QDoba that I so long to enjoy. This is sweet, sweet music to bring it all together tonight. Listen below and hug that special snuggle up on your couch with your special sweetheart, or maybe just a nice drink. Valentine’s Day can be tough, and everyone here, See Tai included, loves you.