LISTEN: Kim Pine! – “two for flinching'”

I have to give points to any band named after Kim Pine, one of the best parts to the criminally underrated Scott Pilgrim series (movie or comic). As such, that same garage punk fury, the kind that you can only really capture when something is fresh and your innocence is, by whatever measure, relatively intact. As suggested, there are only two tracks here, recorded on what sounds like a four track. There is a little slop to the music, and who gives a shit? I promise you the charm you find here outweighs any technical acumen, although that isn’t meant as a backhanded compliment at the playing of anyone involved. This is hella fun, the kind of thing that evokes early Ramones or Skull Kontrol, punk that just does what it does, sneering the whole way.

Listen below and get sad that it’s so short. But get happy, because they promise a full length, and that’s what’s up.