LISTEN: Introducing The Louisville Mix!

A few weeks ago, the Louisville Free Public Library officially launched the Louisville Mix, a publicly available streaming service dedicated to getting Louisville’s finest into the ears of the willing (and the chilling). Where the Louisville Underground Music Archive looks to preserve music for future generations, the Louisville Mix aims to get out there to hear, and they’ve done a wonderful job of curating a well-rounded selection. Just at a glance, they have the new 1200 album, the Crain discography, music by Cheyenne Mize, Kaleidico, Rmllw2llz, and a ton more. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the unexplored, to hear what Louisville has to offer in all of its many facets, as beautiful a way to show community if there is one.

If you’re interested, you can check the site out here or via the Biblioboard app. If you want to participate, CD donations can be dropped off at any library branch and sent to me at the Main Library, or bands can be in touch via to submit an mp3 album. And this applies to all genres and styles, because they’re not exclusive jerks. Get into it already and find something fresh.