BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Frederick the Younger birth Human Child!

I promised Never Nervous a novel’s worth of review about the Frederick The Younger album release show on Friday at Headliners, but since they are refusing to validate my parking I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

I had never seen Voodoo Economics before but a band in the vein of the Violent Femmes, with less campiness, opened up the show. They owned that stage after two songs and performed like they had played Headliners fifteen times before. Mark my words: You will see more of this band.

Likewise, Joann + The Dakota came on next with a drunken swagger and performed as if they were the house band. They were armed only with a posse of stuffed animals and a pocket full of riffs. They belted out a wonderful spread of electricity that didn’t impress nobody. That’s a double negative. Everybody was impressed. Truly. They wouldn’t shut up about it. Bravo ladies and gentlemen.

Then came Frederick The Younger on to give birth to their Human Child album. They gave birth to twelve, well formed, absolutely solid children plus a few gems from another marriage. It was easy to tell the care, attention, and craft these five individuals have given these little babies. If it wasn’t impressive enough already, FTY brought out 1200 for an impassioned, show stopping verse during their set after which they played another song or two and then all ran away off the stage which left us heartbroken. To stop our tears from flooding the venue they brought out Scott Carney (Wax Fang), Jerome Perry (The Deloreans), and Matt Myers (Houndmouth) to encore a Sgt. Pepper’s medley supported by Joey Thieman, Allison Cross and Zack Driscoll as the horn section which we joyously reveled in until security said we had to leave the building because the show ended 45 minutes ago.

Much love to the three bands and many congratulations to Frederick The Younger on the release of their album, Human Child.

*Do yourself a favor and go here to see more of Nik’s awesome photography. The man is a treasure. We promise it puts you right in the moment.

This post was inked and photographed by guest writer Nik Vechery. Nik is a photographer in Louisville, KY who takes pictures in loud environments. He can be found under all social media as @heavychronicles or