BEER: Monnik releases IPA as canned six-pack

When I got word that Monnik was ready to unleash one of their coveted beers as a canned retail six-pack, my oversized ears perked up. I mean seriously, to this point has Monnik done anything that hasn’t been #1 top quality shit? For my money, over the last few years they’ve become Louisville’s Michael Jordan of microbreweries consistently proving that their catalogue of on-tap beers are always more than worth the bill.

The beer they have decided to set loose as a 12 ounce canned six-pack is their IPA which will be available for purchase at Monnik and Whole Foods and will soon be on the shelf at other local beer outlets as well (keep an eye out!).  But before I get into how it tastes let’s just take a look at the actual design of the can itself:


At first sip, Monnik’s IPA tastes and smells like a classic American IPA, and ultimately that’s what this beer is, but as usual with the brews from this alehouse there seems to be an undefinable factor that makes you yearn for it harder than others. Maybe its the ingredients, or perhaps they cast a spell on it (it is 7% alcohol after all), who the hell knows, but basically this beer is and isn’t your everyday IPA, and that makes sense, right?

This particular ale seems flawless from the moment the aroma hits your nose, to the second that little bit hits your lips and all the way to the point where the beer slides down your throat into your stomach as you wait for the aftertaste, for better or worse. Thankfully, this IPA doesn’t have a lingering bitterness or sour sapidity, only a longing for the next gulp of delicious beer. Don’t blame me for finishing off this six pack in one night (hey, I shared it with my fiancee, don’t judge).

EDITOR’S NOTE: While consuming this IPA, I was listening to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Run The Jewels to enhance my alcohol-consuming experience. Maybe you needed to know that, and maybe not.