ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS: Syd joins Corey and Filthy to rep Never Nervous!

So yeah, I did a thing. Let’s all rejoice in this moment, where I got to get out of the house a bit, which I hope you know is a fate of my own choosing; dad life is rad. But so is talking to Filthy Rich and CJ Prof (AKA Corey Profumo), the homies that host Actual Conversations. What were we on about? I’m glad you asked! We spent some time talking about politics and the best way to engage in thorny issues. We ruminated over the meaning of the W in George W, and the history of drone tech. We talked about music, because, well, you know.. and we got deep into the philosophy of Never Nervous (hey, that’s us!). And mostly just told jokes and got weird, because that’s what I do.

Peep Episode 52 of Actual Conversations below; Listen/download/subscribe on iTunes.