LISTEN: Black Kaspar – “Revolution Culture”

If you were hoping to get an ear full of krautrock madness, look no further than the latest and greatest from Black Kaspar, a thirteen minute long meditation on the chaos and horror of the world post election. At least, so it would seem. An instrumental track that owes as much to Neu! or Faust at their most repetitive as it does to stoner metal, Black Kaspar have seemingly harnessed that crunching dismay hiding behind the eyes of many in this country with Revolution Culture, a long and noisy tune that creeps into your subconscious and never lets go. I’d be willing to be that this is an off the cuff, impromptu jam, if only for the rawness found herein. You can live in how fresh a track is, like you can hear the rough edges, you can hear the happy mistakes, you can hear the room, the imperfections, and those magic moments where everything adheres, which in so many ways is protest gone awry or, in some cases, just right. This is a group finding its footing all at once, or not all, but living and dying together. And there is something beautiful about that.

Listen below and do your best not to let it get stuck in your head, because I promise you that it’ll get right in there over time.